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Background on the artist, Jesse LaPrade

I began painting folk art in 1994 after reading a letter left to me by my now deceased adoptive father, John Lovelace LaPrade. In this letter, John explained that I had been adopted at child birth, but I was 51 years old when I read the letter on December 24, 1993. Please see my bio, years 1990-1993, for details. I had noticed that I was quite different from my parents’ children, who were always introduced as my brother and sister. John and Lucy both suffered from asthma and so did my brother and sister. I had never experienced asthma, but I had always suffered miserably blinding migraine headaches, the very malady that gave me a coveted “4-F” military status in 1966, allowing me to continue with my college training at N.C. State University and complete my Master’s in plant pathology.

It wasn’t until I found out who I wasn’t (genetically kin to the LaPrades) that I developed a new set of interests, developed a totally different perspective on life, my career, my love for my wife and our child, John. A totally new and different world appeared before my eyes, and I was so excited and motivated that I began getting out of bed at sunrise, taking pictures of sunrises and not sunsets. Wow, this was GREAT! Don’t misunderstand; I certainly don’t have anything against the LaPrade family. They no doubt saved my life numerous times, provided food, education, inspiration and love for me that I wouldn’t have had at a foster home. I was blessed to have been raised by John and to have been influenced by John and Patricia, my brother and sister in the family that adopted me. I had tried to be like John all my life. He was a brilliant person and always will be. He worked his way through college, earned a chemical engineering degree and a law degree and has practiced law in the Washington D.C. area since 1964.

My sister married a Baptist minister after completing her college training at Radford College in Virginia. Her husband died in July 2006, but he was a devoted minister and husband and loved his children and all of the members of his congregation and every member loved him. I talk about his devotion to God and his attitude toward life, his family devotion and his friendship with June, John, my son and me. He was one of the most devoted, dedicated and inspiring humans I have ever met to date.

And so, if you want to share in wisdom learned the hard way from a small man, I am 5 feet and 5 inches tall, that survived childbirth when there was only a fraction of a chance to survive and survived being raised by adoptive parents that I thought were my genetic parents always trying to live up to their expectations and wondering “what the H___ is wrong with me when it just didn’t happen, completed college when there was minimal true interest to do so, and working as a professional in a career that was “one size too big” for me up until 2001 when I “adjusted” my attitude, looked inside of me and found a deep desire to serve all mankind with my art images, my knowledge of how “to turn your life around,” when life gets to be too much to bear, or just plainly gets to be a bear. Yes, I have been there and have NO INTENTION OF GOING BACK! The space on this paper is quickly diminishing, but you can have me in front of you, discussing life experiences, religion, devotion to your special ones, job duties, job fitting, what to do if you have exhausted your efforts trying to get a job, how to find true happiness in your life. What I think about politics, what inspires me the most in my life and how you can find out what inspires you. In short there are NO subjects that are off-limits with me. There are usually many great questions asked by participants in my presentation., but occasionally there are some really dumb questions, but the dumbest thing to do when you are in my audience is to NOT ASK a question. Don’t do that; please ask me, even if for no other reason but to see if you can make me squirm!  And, oh yes, I enjoy humor as much as you do and I WILL be using it, maybe on YOU, and if that doesn’t stimulate you, I will even resort to making fun of myself, no doubt, at times.

Well, there you have it, I feel like my life has just scrolled past me on a big screen liquid crystal display. Hey, who is that in the bottom of the picture? I sure didn’t know she could, or would DO THAT! Wow, it takes all kinds.

I look forward to getting to meet, train, inspire and entertain everyone that is willing to assist me with my “retirement” fund!  

  • Warning: My personal motivation is highly contagious!
  • Creativity is a part of everyone’s inner soul.
  • You must discover your very own inner-self before you can find total fulfillment.
  • Devotion is available via God, book an appointment with him ASAP.
  • Your very best human friend today, may become your worst enemy tomorrow, provided they don’t work nights.

In closing,
I know that ISN Network realizes that all compositions that I provide are fully copyrighted.
I produce my very own material and I really cannot see why anyone that considers himself or herself sane would want what I have written. After all, I am really an artist, even if I am only a folk artist. You really should see my real art, and not just the pictures of it.


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