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Professional Achievements:

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The short version of "The Story of my Life" Very short, but there's more, a lot more
Dr. Jesse Cobb LaPrade, Motivational Speaker, Academics Trainer, Business guru on "what not to do"

I have been gainfully employed working at the Ph.D, level at two major Corporations, two Southern Universities, Clemson and Auburn since January 2, 1974, employed by Clemson, began a new research program at Florence South Carolina, covering the characterization of Aflatoxin and the infection by A. flavus and or A. parasiticus and Aflatoxin production on field corn over all commercial varieties grown in the Southeast. I published two refereed Journal articles in "Phytopath", and received a USDA grant for more than $400,000 for this effort covering a two year period. I was offered and accepted a position with Union Carbide Agricultural Products Division and was relocated to Jacksonville Florida in 1997. I won the coveted award," Outstanding Field Development Representative" company wide, for 1981, shortly after being transferred to Dothan Alabama in 1980. 1 was recognized for having added more than five million dollars in sales to Union Carbide, APD from 1980 through 1985, most of which came from new product uses that I pioneered during my tenure.

After being "laid Off" by Rhone Poulenc Agricultural Products Company in 1989 from providing frank and sincere input requested by the President of that company about "how to increase sales volume in the U.S. ", I was offered a temporary position with Auburn University and the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service (ACES) on September, 2, 1990 and relocated to Auburn Alabama after acceptance. I brought a new program to ACES in 1995, "Radon Awareness", which is still being carried out by ACES today. This program was and still is being funded by the Environmental Protection Agency in Atlanta and is passed through from the Alabama Department of Public Health, Radiation Monitoring and Assessment Department. The funding has varied over the years, with highs reaching approximately $280,000 per year in 1998. I suffered from deep depression and was placed on paid Administrative Leave beginning in May of 1999 and went through December of 2000. I am currently designing, teaching and maintaining a web-site on Farm and Agricultural Safety Training in ACES at Auburn University. I have been the recipient of more than five million dollars in grant funds for which 1 have served as Program Director at A.U. since September 2, 1990. Grant topics ranging from Water Quality, Pesticide Education and Safety and I designed the National Agricultural Pesticide Impact Assessment Program (NAPIAP) at Auburn University and served as the Environmental Education Specialist, and worked on Indoor Air Quality, Radon Awareness, Farm, Home and Business Self Assistance training development and Farm and Agricultural Safety Training just to name a few. I have authored more than 200 Extension Brochures on self help subjects too numerous to document and I have personally presented more than 500 outreach training programs with as many as 996 audience participants and as few as two.

On January 2, 1 will be ready to make a change in direction, focusing on helping others to improve their lives by setting written goals to reach, mapping a plan to reach each one and avoid obstacles, including pot-holes, and frauds. My plan will allow each trainee to have a realistic chance to find significant financial reward and fulfillment throughout the remainder of their careers and throughout the rest of their lives. This will be a new beginning for all of you, I so solemnly promise!

I have made almost every mistake imaginable including owning numerous businesses that failed, as well as one or two that was successful over my life-span thus far. I have been defrauded, stolen from openly, and have received several death threats, stalked by a booger in his vehicle, and at least one death threat made directly to my face! I have been audited by the EPA, twice, investigated by the Department of Labor for complaints received by two former workers over a business I owned for which I had five employees and twelve contract workers doing Home Improvement full services in Auburn ,Opelika and Lee County Alabama. I declared personal bankruptcy on January 2, 2007. My Chapter 9 debts have been completely paid off this month, June 2009.

When I came to Auburn University, my presentations were written out by me and read directly to my audience. In 1996 I began using notes made up of an outline of topics I was to cover, but was still remained rather regimented. Since 2003 I have eliminated all notes and currently l speak only from my heart and mind, omitting my brain altogether! That was the very best improvement I could have ever made to assist my trainees and show all of them how much I care about helping each one.

I look forward to meeting new trainees looking for advice and self-help along life's highway, so that I can share my costly mistakes with them and get them motivated to improve themselves. If I fail to connect with anyone in the audience who is not asleep and has a heart -beat, even if it is weak, I promise to return any and all moneys paid to me for any and all of my speaking engagements! I always provide my audience with speaker evaluation forms to assess my performance so that I can improve my delivery.
I look forward to facing the new challenge in my life and getting to meet and bond with new friends throughout these great United States. And it is that way because you have made it so! I only want to provide my personal assistance for your continued improvement.

Strict stipulations required for all of my presentations and engagements. These ARE the dreaded rules:

1. An audience of more than 100 participants.

2. A projector screen large enough for the entire audience to see, even the Baptists in the very back row!

3. Allow me to project images of my own personal art-work on the screen as I am engaging with the trainees.

4. Allow me to offer for sale my copyrighted art-work shown on my web-site

5. Allow me ample time to entertain any and all questions from the audience and do not limit the subject matter in any way. This rule applies to me as well. I will give frank answers to all questions on sex, religion, politics, the state of our economy and how we got this way, same sex marriage, our congress, our war/s, our prejudices, our hopes and ambitions and our National debt. The only "dumb question is one that was not asked even when the answer was sought by a participant, secretly. I have a photographic mind, but I cannot read any one's mind!

If you agree to the above simple rules: Let the games begin!!! Improved participants will surely follow!

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